DGA ProLine SB Flex Steady BL

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This limited batch of ProLine Flex Steady BL's were created using a DGA ProLine blend of plastic with added Flex material. The Steady BL (beadless) has many of the same flight characteristics of the original Steady with the addition of a smooth beadless bottom edge. At low speeds, the Steady BL putter has a hyzer finish and with added speed, the putter provides a steady, straight flight path. This putter feels great in the hand and will be a perfect fit for those looking for that smooth feel and clean release that this beadless putter offers. Each disc features the 2021 Ledgestone Insurance Open stamp exclusive to this event. 

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Here is the flight path and flight characteristics for the Steady BL:

Speed: 2
Glide: 3
Turn: 0
Fade: 2

Weight Range: 160g-174g
Rim Width: 1.1cm
Rim Depth: 1.5cm
Height: 2.5cm
Diameter: 21.2cm

Disc Use: Putter 
Plastic Types: D-Line, Pro-Line, SP-Line 
Date Approved: 6/21/2018
Recommended Skill Level:
Intermediate, Advanced, Pro 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeff VanVleet
Best throwing putter ever!

This is by far My favorite throwing putter. Great grip and dependable stability

Ben B.
DGA Pro Steady BL...who knew!

I received this putter in a mystery box and who knew that it would end up being the shining star in the box. I do putt with this putter but not as much as my usual putter...BUT, I do use this my throwing putter. I liked my previous throwing putter and was not looking to replace it until the Pro Steady showed up in my life. I absolutely live this disc and highly recommend.