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 The Buzzz is the most popular disc on the market. It’s a dependable, straight-flying midrange with a consistent fade that holds any line you put it on. The Buzzz is a go-to for players of all skill levels. The Grateful Buzzz has always been an annual full foil run showing mind-blowingly intricate Michael Barnard art. This run has expanded to include a new special-edition Z Fly Dye run. This run features Discraft’s old-school Fly Dye with differentiating colors and tie-dye patterns like sunburst, spiral, bullseye, and Discraft’s signature flag dye. These were part of a run of 2900 Buzzzes. NOTE: You are selecting your dye pattern. Foil may vary. Here is the flight chart for the Buzzz:

Speed: 5 
Glide: 4 
Turn: -1 
Fade: 1 
Discraft Stability Rating: 0.5 

Weight Range: 167g-177g 
Rim Width: 1.2cm 
Rim Depth: 1.3cm 
Height: 1.9cm 
Diameter: 21.7cm 

Disc Use: Midrange 
Plastic Types: Big Z, CryZtal, CryZtal Sparkle, CT, CT Jawbreaker, ESP, ESP FLX, Pro-D, Rubber Blend, Titanium, Tour Series ESP, Tour Series Z, X, Z, Z FLX, Z Glo, Z Glo FLX, Z Glo Sparkle, Z Metallic FLX, Z Swirl 
Date Approved: 9/30/2003 
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

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Christopher Pappas
Flye Dye Awesomeness

Throw it or show it… so hard to decide. Most likely will be put on display.