2021 Ledgestone GRIPeq Bag

At the 2021 Ledgestone event the tournament released a limited red/white/blue bag to support the event. This custom bag was designed specifically for the event and only a limited number of bags were created. Here are the quantities that we released of each bag:

  • AX5 Bag: 200
  • BX3 Bag: 1850
  • CS2 Bag: 200
  • GX Bag: 400

All of the bags have sold out except for the final run of the GX bags and very small number of the CS bag. Through this special opportunity, you can purchase a Ledgestone GX bag and get your choice of a FREE clear McBeth Hades or McBeth Zeus. The GX bag is a great bag for quick rounds and works well holding 6 to 8 discs.

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